Dr.Jekyll, Vs Mr. Hyde Comic Book

Dr.Jekyll, Vs Mr. Hyde Comic Book

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 Jekyll vs. Hyde 

2 part mini series created by, J.W CuR2y 

Published by: Meraki House Comics, LLC 

  Dr. Henry Jekyll survived his attempt on his life at the end of the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, afterwards he wonder the country sides with his dark persona constantly whispering in his ears until they escaped to a remote island to live in self induced exile, where Dr. Jekyll had discovered a way to create a breed of artificial beings for Mr. Hyde to hunt and get a fill of his blood lust. And it was a formula that had worked for almost 2 decades until a mysterious witch showed up on the island and cast a powerful spell the separating the two personas, now Jekyll is on the run being hunted by the demonic entity of his own twisted mind's creation.