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"We are the dreamers of dreams..."

"We are the music-makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams, wandering by the lone sea-breakers, and sitting by the desolate streams. World-losers and world-forsakers, upon whom the pale moon gleams; yet we are the movers and the shakers, of the world forever, it seems." Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Zombi Anime Storyboard/ Speed Art. Behind the Scenes look Part-1

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Meraki House Comics shirts for everyone. All shapes, sizes and ages anyone can rock out in their very own shirt from Meraki House Comics.

The proceeds from the shirts are donated to the Arts and Education Council here in St. Louis, keeping the arts alive. 

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"All Original...A brief origin story."

 J.W Curry was born in Twenty-nine Palms, Ca. in the heart of the San Bernardino desert in 1987. A true artist at heart you could always find him with a pencil and paper in his hands starting nearly his entire life. Diving into comic books his love of art only grew, constantly coming up with new characters and stories everyday. His first work to be published was a short poem in a town newsletter at the age of 12 and started laying the foundation to what would be come Meraki House Comics, llc at the age of 15 by selling his art to local tattoo artist and shops.  Just before he graduated high school, he and his long time friend Ryan Proffer started "Little Guy Productions." With stories written by both, and the art either drawn or directed by J.W Curry. After a few years Ryan left the company to presume other ventures and J.W Curry revamped the company with a new name and new energy, hence Meraki House Comics was born. Opening up the gallery as the 2nd tier of the company, all the paintings sold help fund all other activities within the company. Every painting sold on the website is an original work with no prints or recreations.  JW. Curry does take commission works at nearly any size from 11 x 17 all the way to full murals. JW. Curry's style is a unique blend of impressionism, surrealism, and graffiti but is trained in several other forms of art. 

Created Local, Sold local

 Online is not only place you can find Meraki House Comics/ Original Art. Our books and paintings can be found in several locally owned comic shops in the St. Louis, Mo area.